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The NETRA Competition “Club Work Rule” has been in place for several years. Compliance with the requirement is necessary for year-end Championship points. However, NETRA has left it to individual clubs and trail bosses to draft the particular club’s event work requirement. The following criteria was drafted by the MVTR Competition committee, presented to the MVTR membership, voted on and accepted.

“MVTR Competition Work Credit” Options

Resident MVTR members (Reside with-in the State) Comply with one of the following;

  • 1 MVTR Championship event day + 2 Championship Pre or Post event work days.
  • 1 MVTR Championship event day + 2 Hop-Everett work days1 MVTR Championship event day + 2 NE Classic Charity work days.
  • 1 MVTR Championship event day + 1 Hop-Everett work day + 1 NE Classic work day.

Non-resident MVTR members (Reside outside of New Hampshire)

  • 1 MVTR Championship event day + 1 MVTR Championship pre-event work day.
  • 1 MVTR Championship event day +1 MVTR Non-Championship event or 1 MVTR NonChampionship work day (Example: If you are contesting the enduro series your non-championship event could be a Scramble or one of the MVTR non-competitive activities mentioned in the Resident options.) Non- MVTR member must be a member of a NETRA non-sanctioning event club + 30 day notification + work the event day(sign-up to clean-up). Trail Bosses have the flexibility to review staffing levels and approve modified schedules to support the success of an event.

NETRA’s intent is to produce quality events for riders and racers. These requirements increase the amount of help available and supporting for each event. Quality work is produced by those who want to put on and be involved with quality events, i.e. volunteers! Without competitors contributing quality time and effort in the preparation for and on the day of events, the events will lose trail bosses and club volunteers who toil endless hours preparing for, assisting during and cleaning up after an event, having nothing to gain but self / club gratification.

MVTR is diverse in its activities. With that in mind, a wide selection of MVTR associated opportunities are offered competitors to fulfill their work rule requirement, while supporting MVTR’s need to carryout it’s responsibilities to the State (Hop-Everett riding area), sponsored events (The Classic, Ice Box) and members.

Document created December 13, 2017