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How to Title and Plate a Dirt Bike in NH

The following process would be used to title and register a trail bike which was imported with a Certificate of Origin. The purpose is to allow a trail bike to be used on public ways during an organized event holding a State Event Permit or on a State approved OHRV trail with NH OHRV registration. Refer: RSA 215-A:35-39 State Form TDMV114. Please click here for the New Hampshire OHRV Motorcycle Equipment Requirements and/or restrictions.

•You will need to print out (RSA: 215-A:35-39) form: 

tdmv114 (Local Link Since DMV updated and removed reference to these docs.)

•Complete and have your local mechanic look over the bike and sign the form.
• New Hampshire OHRV Motorcycle Equipment Requirements
2019 New Hampshire OHRV Motorcycle Equipment Requirements

VIN Verification
•You will need to print out this form:


•You can also pick the form up at your local town hall if you don’t have a printer. It is usually blue in color.
•Once you have the form, you call the police in your town and have them come by to verify the VIN.
•The police look at the bike and write the VIN on the form, then sign the form.

OHRV Registration Agents:
You will need to purchase an Off-Road Registration sticker. You will need this registration when you go to your town hall.

Bill of sale
•When you buy the bike, get a bill of sale.

Going to Town Hall
•Now gather up all your forms and take them to town hall. They most likely will not know how to handle this transaction, so be patient. Let them know that you did the research on-line and this is what you came up with. If you are still having trouble you can use the following names:
•Gabrielle –603-227-4030
She works in Concord in the Registrations department.
•Chrissy –603-227-4150
She works in Concord in the Title Department.
•Both of these ladies understand how the process works. Mention their names to the town clerk, and encourage them to give Concord a call. They should be able to verify that the paperwork that you have is correct. If all goes well, you will walk out of the office with plates, and a title that will be mailed to you in a few weeks.
•Biggest takeaway from this, don’t get frustrated. Treat everyone you talk to with respect.