President’s Message

Since 1972, The Merrimack Valley Trail Riders (MVTR) has brought together people of all ages and from different walks of life who have a shared interest in “Trail Riding.”

Both informal rides and organized events are held year-round, yep, summer and winter! New riders are introduced and share old trails with old riders who are in search of….. new trails! Monthly meetings are social events when bench racing and friendship are shared equally while bike preparation, State OHRV legislation, trail maintenance, and regional events are common matters of discussion.

If it involves wheeled OHRVs in New Hampshire, the Merrimack Valley Trail Riders are a part of it. Active members provide the energy to promote activities, while the Club in whole, is the eyes, ears, and voice of NH trail bike users…get involved…we need your support to continue to be:

“Dedicated to the safe and responsible enjoyment of the sport”.

What can MVTR do for you?

The Merrimack Valley Trail Riders (MVTR) was organized by a group of trail riders in the early 1970’s.

For years, the sport maintained a consistent level of participation. And though more recently the participation rate has increased, dirt biking has always been of the highest profile to the eyes and ears of the public. With concern of State mandated controls (driven by public perception) and a desire to connect many of the “riding buddy” groups, protecting users’ rights and advancing riding opportunities, MVTR was formed.

Since its inception, MVTR has been active at the State level introducing legislation allowing the use of legal trail bikes on public ways and promoting to landowner/managers and the public proper rider behavior. MVTR sponsors training seminars, informal trail rides and organized recreation and competition events. In an effort to promote the concept of multi-use trails, MVTR has attempted to work with other user groups to foster good will and cooperation. Since 2001 MVTR has been an affiliate club of the New Hampshire Off Highway Vehicle Association (NHOHVA). NHOHVA represents all OHRV users at the State level in legislation and legal matters.

Monthly meetings are comprised of riders exchanging ideas on topics ranging from suspension to protective equipment design to OHRV registration and trail development. From month to month, competitive and non-competitive riders have an opportunity to share their own riding stories. MVTR is rich with experience and its members are always happy to share free advice. MVTR members enjoy product discounts at participating dealers. MVTR can show you how, where, and with whom to ride!

“MVTR is the heart of two wheeled trail riding in New Hampshire.”

For what does MVTR stand?


As organized weekly rides brought riders together, a more structured monthly ride developed into a published annual recreational event. “Connie’s Ride’ from Litchfield, NH, a Club favorite, made way for the annual “Jack Noga Memorial Trail Ride” hosted from the NH International Speedway in Loudon, NH, which then became “The New England Classic Charity Trail Ride” benefiting the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation of Northern New England. The event has raised more than $2.75 million dollars over its 40-year lifetime.

Chip Fredette – MVTR President

Chip Fredette
President, MVTR

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Monthly Meetings

First Wednesday of every month.
Location: Freedom Cycle, 110 Manchester St., Concord, NH (603) 225-2779

Meeting Schedule
Bench Racing and Pizza @6:45PM
Meeting @ 7PM