President’s Message

Since its inception in 1972, The Merrimack Valley Trail Riders (MVTR) has brought people from different walks of life together for a shared interest, “Trail Riding”.

Informal rides and organized events are held throughout the year, yes, summer and winter! New riders are introduced and share old trails with old riders in search of new trails. Monthly meetings are social events where business, bench racing and friendship are equally shared while topics ranging from State OHRV legislation, Hopkinton Everett trail maintenance, regional events to bike preparation are discussed.

If it involves wheeled OHRVs in New Hampshire, The Merrimack Valley Trail Riders are a part of it. Active members provide the energy to promote activities, while the Club in whole, is the eyes, ears and voice of NH trail bike users…get involved…we need your support to continue to be “Dedicated to the safe and responsible enjoyment of the sport”.

Tom Levesque – MVTR President

Tom Levesque
President, MVTR

Email our fearless leader
Merrimack Valley Trail Riders (MVTR)
PO Box 1480 Meredith, NH 03253

Monthly Meetings

First Wednesday of every month.
Location: Freedom Cycle, 110 Manchester St., Concord, NH (603) 225-2779

Meeting Schedule
Bench Racing and Pizza @6:45PM
Meeting @ 7PM