Merrimack Valley Trail Riders Monthly Meeting Suspensions

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Merrimack Valley Trail Riders Monthly Meeting Suspensions

Against our policy of maintaining the continuity of monthly meetings since 1972, we find ourselves in a local, National and world health environment which suggests we do just that. Whether we believe in science, folk lore or the stars, agree or disagree, it is in the best interest of MVTR members, their families and the community, that we take the following action:

Monthly meetings for December, January, February and March are suspended. As spring arrives we will revisit this action with hopes of reinstating the monthly meetings.

There will be unofficial riding activities throughout the winter that we hope are shared through word of mouth and MVTR Face book. We will send out a monthly newsletter with Club related activities such as rides, legislation, sales, etc. Feel free to share written stories, bike related articles or sale items to the Newsletter (send to

Stay safe, stay sane, “Get out and ride”!

Tom Levesque
Merrimack Valley Trail Riders