HB 1316 amended to include Hoit Road Marsh OHRV use

House Bill 1316 has been heard by the Resources, Recreation and Development Committee. The Committee has heard our opinion of the issues and will vote as to how it should proceed. We must now contact the Legislatures asking that they approve the Amendment. Speak or write to the representatives about the positive aspects of riding on the Marsh; social, family, community, etc. Keep in the back of your mind some of the negative statements which have been rumored around. As a for instance ‘Racing’ we are ‘Ice Riders’ not racers. Don’t bring up negative innuendo but be prepared to educate the Representatives, not degrade the complain tent.

The Amendment may not be worded as we would like but the mission here is to get back on the ice. There is potential for amending the Amendment, be prepared should you be asked what you may care to see changed.

 House of  Representative Contact

Below is a link to a site with a little effort you can find contact numbers or e mails for the Representatives. There is one drop down that allows a single point for the full community.It is best for personal voice contact were you can have a free flowing dialogue.  Any contact is better that silence.


Chairman                         Suzanne Smith
Chairman                         Kevin Maes
Judith Spang                  Henry Parkhurst                    Yvonne Thomas
Chuck Grassie                Patricia Bushway                   Bruce Cohen
Henry Noel                      Wendy Thomas                        Andrew Renzullo
Linda Gould                    James Horgan                          George Feeney
Michael Gunski               Robert Harb                            Deborah Hobson
James Whittemore       James Spillane


The current law which has prohibited our use of the Marsh:
    215-A:15 Regulations of Political Subdivisions. –

Enforcement of paragraphs IV and VII shall be the joint responsibility of the city of Concord and the state of New Hampshire.
VI. [Repealed.]
VII. OHRVs shall be prohibited from traveling on Hoit Road Marsh in the city of Concord.


The Amendment as written:

VII.(a) OHRVs shall be permitted to travel on Hoit Road Marsh in the city of Concord,  subject to the following restrictions:
(1) The speed limit for an OHRV traveling on Hoit Road Marsh shall not exceed 55miles per hour.
(2)(A) OHRV use on Hoit Road Marsh shall be permitted on Mondays, Thursdays,  and Saturdays between the hours of 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., provided that:
(B) Notwithstanding subparagraph (A), all OHRV use shall be prohibited on all legal holidays; and
(C) Notwithstanding subparagraph (A), a person may use an OHRV at any time as may be needed to engage in any lawful fish and game activity for which such person possesses a valid license.
(3) No event shall be held on Hoit Road Marsh unless authorized by a permit issued by the executive director of fish and game.
(b) The executive director may adopt rules, pursuant to RSA 541-A, to implement and enforce the provisions of this paragraph.
Thank you for your help. The prohibition was wrong, we are responsible adults, family and community members. You have a voice in this matter, take advantage of it.


Tom Levesque
Mike Timmins
Merrimack Valley Trail Riders
New England Ice Riders


Just as a point of interest, folks that do not see the issues as we do have access to our Facebook  pages.