COVID-19 Guidelines for OHRV Openings

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NH Bureau of Trails – Trail Notifications & Club Info

The following is the approved Phased Opening for OHRV Motorized Trails Guidelines, pursuant to the Stay at Home 2.0 Guidance for State Parks. This updated Phase plan was approved by the Governor’s Task Force for Reopening the Economy, The Department of Health and Human Services and the Office of the Governor. Please read fully.

ALL OHRV Operators shall agree to the following Universal Guidance:
• remain home if experiencing symptoms of COVID-19; and
• keep a safe distance of at least 6 feet from other people visiting the trails/parks at all times; and
• wear a cloth face covering over mouth and nose to protect others when in locations where other consumers might be present (e.g. bathroom facilities)

Replace Section 11. Off-highway Recreational Vehicle (OHRV) Motorized Trails Guidelines in Stay at Home 2.0 for State Parks Updated May 1, 2020 with the following. The new Phase I adds streets in Berlin and Milan and includes three club networks in the southern part of the state. Phase II and Phase III are added along with club volunteer guidelines.

Phase I – May 23, 2020
1. Properties to be Opened and Restroom & Parking Facilities information:
a. Hopkinton-Everett Riding Area (Army Corp license to DNCR)
i. No restroom facilities
ii. Main parking lot (40 vehicles)
b. Hillsborough Recreational Rail Trail (DNCR property)
i. No restroom facilities
ii. Hillsborough Fish & Game Club parking lot (10 vehicles)
c. Pisgah State Park (to open May 23, DNCR property)
i. No restroom facilities
ii. Rte 119 parking lot (15 vehicles)
d. Jericho Mountain State Park/Berlin Area (DNCR property/municipal)
i. Warming hut will remain closed.
ii. Visitor Center would operate under Retail Guidance
iii. Pit toilet @ scenic Warming Hut overlook (1) and Jericho Lake overlook (1); flush toilets Visitor Center (2) can be segregated from the store and administration.
iv. Visitor Center Parking Lot (60 vehicles), Event Area parking (100 vehicles)
v. Entire park will be open starting May 23, Rte 110 Connector into Berlin open and all Berlin streets open for riding. City parking lot on Rte 110 open for use (50 vehicle capacity), all other City OHRV lots closed. Berlin north into Milan Connectors open; East River Road, Bridge Street, Rte 110B, Rte 110A
vi. Gorham loop; Smitty’s Trail to Presidential Rail Trail and back to Berlin open for riding. No connection into Gorham, via Rte 2/16, until Phase II
e. Millsfield Pond-area trails
i. Club parking lots (3); (50 vehicle capacity)
ii. Connector trails South to Milan will be open; Connectors to the N and E to be blocked with barricades with signage about trail closure beyond this point. No connection to Errol, Dixville or Cambridge areas.
iii. Connection from Millsfield to Berlin via Rte 110A, 110B, East River Road open May 23.
f. Sugar River Rail Trail (open year-round, DNCR property)
i. No facilities
ii. Newport and Claremont parking areas (25 vehicles combined)
g. Fremont Branch-Rockingham Recreational Trail (open year-round, DNCR property)
i. No facilities
ii. Fremont Rte. 107 lot (25 vehicles) and Warner Hill Road lot Derry (15 vehicles)
h. Ammonoosuc Recreational Trail (open year-round- DOT property managed by DNCR)
i. No facilities
ii. Littleton parking (Industrial Park Drive- 25 vehicles)
iii. Connection to Haverhill open
i. Additional OHRV Club trail systems to open on May 23rd:
i. Contoocook (small parking lot in Town, no restrooms provided)
ii. Claremont (parking at Burger King, not restrooms provided),
iii. Warren/Wentworth (parking at Missile in village, no restrooms provided)
j. All trailheads/parking areas with kiosks shall have Parks/COVID Guidance posters installed prior to May 23. Guidance will be also be posted on Bureau of Trails website and Facebook page.

Phase II – June 1, depending on ground conditions and landowner permission
2. Club trail systems to open in June for riding
a. Millsfield Pond area trails
i. Connector trail Northwest to Colebrook/Pittsburg
ii. Connector trail Northeast to Errol
iii. Connector trail East to Cambridge/Milan/Success
b. Umbagog Trail Network
i. Errol town trail/13 Mile Woods
ii. Forest roads north of Rte 26 to Pittsburg and Colebrook
c. Colebrook area
i. All trails in and around Colebrook (pending landowners)
d. Pittsburg area
i. Conn Lakes Headwaters/Perry Stream Property/connectors in and around Pittsburg
e. Gorham
i. Rte 2/16 to businesses
f. Stratford area
i. N. Stratford trails and connector north toward Colebrook
g. Groveton/Start
i. Trails and connectors East to Milan to open
h. Remaining trail networks south of ‘The Notches’.
3. Club trail systems do not provide any pit or portable toilets or other services.

Phase III – All remaining Connections to other trails
• All remaining Trail Connectors to open when local businesses reopen for public use.

OHRV Club Volunteers:
1. OHRV Club Volunteers will be informed that they are to follow employee guidelines under the Stay at Home 2.0 Universal Guidelines as follows :
a. Stay at Home when feeling ill
b. Increase hygiene practices including the disinfection of all tools and equipment between users.
c. Wear a cloth face covering when within 6 feet of another person or when interacting with the public
d. Practice Social Distancing
e. Abide by State Parks, local and state guidelines

Updates made are in cooperation with North County municipal leaders, public safety officials, and local clubs.

Chris Gamache
Bureau of Trails Chief