Hop-Ev Work Party 2011-Nov


MVTR rebuilds anchor points for “A Bridge Too Far”

Nov 13, 2011 A group of hardworking trail supporters (and me) ventured into the woods this morning armed with only shovels, rakes and a gas powered cement mixer. Fortunately not to many batches had been mixed before an observant soul noticed that the pile of bags was going down more quickly than the level of concrete in the form was rising. Hasty calculations confirmed that the quantity of mix on hand would have been sufficient for the original plan but would be somewhat lacking to complete the new, improved version. Senior workers were sacrificed from the mix and place team to round up reinforcements and just as we had used up all available stock, another metric ton of mix was at hand. The new and improved, 6,600 pound block of concrete should prove to be a worthy successor to the aging pieces of telephone pole which had supported the end of the suspension bridge all these years. Once the new abutment has had some time to cure the support cables can be re-tensioned, a ramp will be built and perhaps even some guard rails installed.

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Needless to say, without the efforts of many our members, our continued support of the sport could not continue.